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Open-Source makes the world go round, let's give something back.
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How exactly does this work?

Every user, that joined our fundrace, is able to choose one or multiple open source projects, they'd like to support. Every project selection increases our donations towards them by 1€.

Imagine a user Peach selecting three projects. By months end, all three will get 1€ from us. That aint much on its own. Peach wants to spread the word, and copies an invitation link to send to her friends.

One of them, Mario, also joins the fundrace. But Mario only loves Python and nothing else, so he only chooses that project. This months donation towards Python increase by 1, totalling in 2€ (1€ from Peach, 1€ from Mario). As an additional reward for Peach for inviting Mario, we double her selection. That makes +1 for all of her three projects.

In the end, Peach contributed 6€ (3€ directly from selections, 1€ per project for inviting). Mario contributed 1€ so far, but is currently busy sending invite links to others. Python will receive 2€ from Peach's and Mario's selections, plus 1€ because Peach invited Mario, totalling in 3€. Django and the FSF get 2€, each 1€ from Peach selection, plus 1€ each because Peach has successfully invited.

About us

it-jobs.de is made possible by free software projects. Our Machine Learning based Job-Matching makes it easy to find just the right job out of thousands.

This event aims to give something back. And you can help!

Donations from past events

In earlier fundraces we donated to these projects: